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***** If you just registered as a new member, YOU MUST EMAIL and indicate you just registered and include your name and email address. We do this to discourage unwanted spammers / bots and spiders trying to gain access to the website forum. Thank you. ********

All forum users agreed to abide by the policy when they registered, but many have not read it, which can lead to problems. To avoid that as much as possible, please take time to read it. Some points we would like to emphasize here are:
As the season progresses and the Forum gets busier, please remember that there is a difference between discussing and arguing. The former is welcome, is conducted courteously, and with respect for others' opinions. The latter is not welcome and will not be tolerated. It includes disrespect for others' opinions, sarcasm, and personal attacks.
The purpose of this forum is landlord education and support - posts that get off that topic may be removed. Landlords are welcome to discuss or ask about management practices, types of housing or traps they are using, modifications they are trying, etc. Landlords with new ideas or designs to share are welcome to post about them.
But, please keep in mind that Forum policy does not permit posts of a commercial nature or advertising, including "where to buy" [martin products], prices, or posts that 'hype' products, or repeated bumping of threads about products. Using the private message or email services of this Forum to provide product sales info is not permitted. Discussion of martin products in development is viewed as a form of advertising and therefore is not permitted. Posts and threads that violate the policy will be removed.
You may share info about where to buy products such as bird netting, pvc pipe or other items that might be used in making martin items, as long as you do not include commercial martin product sites.
Posts that applaud the destruction of protected wildlife, or suggest or hint at trapping or shooting protected wildlife (ie, hawks and owls) are NOT permitted. Posts about legal methods for controlling house sparrows and starlings are allowed and encouraged, but posts that focus on inhumane treatment of same are not permitted.
Photos on this site are the property of the photographer. If you post something that is not your property, be sure to include who does, or your post may be removed. We prefer a link to the site hosting the photo when possible. No one may use, copy, or share photos posted on this site without the permission of the owner.
Please understand that we are not looking for you to obey the letter of this law but rather the spirit of it. Forum users who go looking for loopholes in order to bend these rules will be treated as if they had broken them outright. No swearing or bad language, keep your manners and posts polite, please.
For a first violation, users will get a warning and have their accounts suspended temporarily. Repeat abusers will have their accounts terminated. Please help keep things on the right track - Forum users, guest readers, landlords and ultimately the martins will all benefit. We feel it is in the best interest of the martin community for forum admin to enforce the policy consistently.

Thank you - Forum Admin

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