Central Iowa Crickets available for 2021 season. Info

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Central Iowa Crickets available for 2021 season. Info

Post by Dave Duit » 19 Feb 2021, 19:28

Hi everyone,
Shelby Smith of rural Nevada, Iowa will have frozen, one pound bags of crickets for $10 per bag. These frozen crickets can't be shipped to you, so you would have to drive to her location in Story County to pick them up. Contact Shelby by email at:
gymneatcrickets@gmail.com. When you email Shelby, please let her know that you are a member of the Iowa Purple Martin Organization. If you wish to purchase the dried crickets you can order them on her website for a higher price. You can go to Shelby's website and leave her your contact info on the lower right hand corner "contact us offline" icon. If you want to just eat the crickets for yourself, that is actually what her business is all about. Amazing lady and an amazing business. Shelby has made a special deal with the Iowa Purple Martin Organization members, by offering us these low cost frozen crickets. If you travel a distance to her location, it would be wise to use a cooler to keep them froze on your way back home. It helps our landlords and supports her business. Win win.

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