Crickets from Shelby Smith contact info

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Crickets from Shelby Smith contact info

Post by Dave Duit » 16 Aug 2021, 11:00

Hi everyone,
Your lowest cost, best crickets for your martins in Iowa is through Shelby Smith of I have known Shelby for years and she is more than great in her business and life. I encourage everyone to buy your supplement cricket supply from Shelby. I happen to see her at the Iowa State Fair and took her pic. Her business is focused on crickets for human consumption, but she has excess crickets that she sells to purple martin people at a greatly reduced price. At $10 per pound, you can't go wrong. The crickets come in 1 pound bags, frozen and you will need to pick them up directly from her business, ( located near Ames, Iowa), since she can't mail them to you. The Iowa Purple Martin Organization has built a strong friendship with Shelby over the years and she is happy to help us ensure our martins are feed. On a side note, feel free to try her products that are meant for us to eat.
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