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426. Do entrances have to be set facing a particular direction ?
Martins don't care the direction. But for good planning, I suggest facing entrances away from
recurring rain and wind and facing the most open fly zones.

427. Was was the link between the Romans and purple martins ?
The martin was connected to Aphrodite the Goddess of love.

428. How did the sailors of the high seas view the purple martin ?
The purple martin signified good sailing and also good luck.

429. Can you give me a quick overview of martin eggs ?
Eggs are pure white, about 24.5 X 17.5 mm, with an average clutch of 5 and one egg is laid each

430. Can you explain martin egg incubation ?
Incubation lasts about 16 days just after the next to last egg is laid. The female is responsible for
incubation as she is the sex with a brood patch; an area just above the tail on her belly that is
void of feathers.

431. Do all the eggs hatch at the same time ?
All eggs in the nest will hatch within 48 hours.

432. How long is a martins migration and how long does it last ?
Their migration in late summer from Iowa to their wintering grounds in Soa Paulo, Brazil takes
roughly 4-6 weeks and spans up to 5,000 miles.

433. How long does it take for a pair to build a nest ?
After 4-6 weeks of their arrival at their nesting site and once they pair, it will take about 3 weeks
for both male and female to build a nest.

434. Do young pair build mud dams near the entrance or is that designated to older pairs ?
Only an older more experienced pair will attempt a mud dam construction.

435. What is the difference between a martin song and call ?
Songs are longer and more complex than calls. Songs are paired to courtship and mating, while
calls are related to various forms of location and alarms of a predator in the nearby area.

436. Where is the purple martin's non-breeding grounds ?
Brazil is the main area, but they also stay in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,
Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, British Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

437. Besides the purple martin, are there other species that have seen a complete traditional
change in their nesting behavior ?
Martins use to make nests in natural cavities and over time became 100% human made housing
users. The other two species are the Chimney Swift and Barn Swallow.

438. What is the distance martins fly on the Gulf of Mexico migratory route ?
Migration across the Gulf is a 500-600 mile trip in non-stop flight.

439. Are the spring and fall migrations the same for martins ?
They don’t take the same route on the spring and fall migration. They don’t take the same paths
from year to year.

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