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By registering as an Iowa Purple Martin Mentor; your task is to educate, train and advice beginning purple martin landlords within your county. Mentors teach "Best landlord practices", which include starling and sparrow control, mite control, nest changes, starling resistant entrances, appropriate compartment size, supplemental feeding during poor weather, placement of new housing, etc...

Your goal is to guide the beginning landlord to a point in which they are self-reliant in best landlord practices. Your level of involvement is based on the time and effort you wish to contribute. Becoming a mentor will cause an exponential increase in the purple martin population across Iowa. Your beginning landlord may become a mentor in the future and the cycle will continue. There is power in numbers and here is an opportunity to make a positive impact for purple martins. There can be multiple mentors in each county. The goal is to have at least one mentor in each of the 99 Iowa counties.